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Thread: 1440x234 vid card?

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    1440x234 vid card?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this area of technology and would like to build myself an lcd system for my car (probably obvious since I am posting on this forum ). I bought this strange little device off of ebay - it's a 7" 1440x234 (that's a 16:9 ratio) lcd screen with driver board all attached. Some guy out there built the thing himself and attached an on/off switch, an analog input (tv/vcr/whatever) and a VGA input (just like a computer monitor). well, I finally goot the thing and tried it out and it worked great - was psyched. Well, I then realized that I might not have a video card that would support that resolution, because I would like to use the VGA input, not the analog. Even if I got a card for the PC that had a standard output like that, the video it is putting out would still be 640x480, 800x600. So looking around online, I was unabled to find a card that supported that resolution. It seems like a pretty standard screen - any of those 7" pre-built in-car units out there seem to all use the same screen.

    So, does anyone know of a video card that supports that resolution?

    here is some info on the screen -

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    Search !!!

    Search the board for similar lcd's and you'll find out that the res. is not what you stated, but something like 320x230

    They accept comp. input..
    So pretty much about any vid.card. with tv-out will do.
    Think about getting a GF2 or something. With these cards you can get rid of the black borders around the screen..

    If it accepts vga it probably will take something like 640x480 or 800x600 and will 'schrink' this image onto the screen...

    I know there are certain cards where you can use custom resolutions, but I don't know which... (something says a GF can do this, but not with the out of the box drivers.. 'cause when using TVTool for the GF2 the res. is 786x572 (svhs.res.).)

    Other than this I can't help you..
    Good luck!
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    1440 x 234


    480 x (RGB) x 234.

    They count the rgb seperately instead of together like you're supposed to.

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    Bah! that is quite strange.

    Thanks you VERY MUCH! I have a few spare rage pro cards lying around that I'm going to try out. Thanks so much.


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