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Thread: Video Game Monitor Used as PC Monitor?

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    Video Game Monitor Used as PC Monitor?

    Can one of those video game monitors (that's used for playstations and other game consoles, for example Zenith 5" G20911A) be used as a PC monitor? If so, is the quality good enough to read text?

    If you know how to modify the screen to accept the highest quality video from a VGA output, please let me know.

    I tried hooking the S-Video out on my laptop to my portable DVD player's composite input (with an adapter), but the video was terrible, so I am looking for inexpensive alternative monitors.


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    Rob, you'll have to do a LOT of research on this one. Most composite screens out there cannot take a regular VGA signal without some kind of input controller that already does VGA.

    Here is my tutorial for the PSone screen mod.

    P.S. The quality still sucks, but was better than composite.

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    Thanks for the info. I tried with just the composite and it was terrible. I may try your mod or save up for a VGA screen.


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