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Thread: Lost cylinder fuse in my LCD monitor. What amp replacement?

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    Lost cylinder fuse in my LCD monitor. What amp replacement?

    I purchased one of those Hong Kong Ebay specials motorized in dash monitors (compsoite video only). I accidently lost the small glass cylinder tube fuse that is connected inline with the yellow wire. As I was twist opening the fuse holder to check the fuse, it popped out and fell somewhere behind the dash. Does anyone know what amp cylinder glass fuse I should get? The monitor runs on 12V power and has a 8W Power consumption. Would a 2.5amp fuse be alright to use?

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    I used 1amp with mine. that's for a no nmotorized LCD. I guess the mechanics will take a little more so 2.5 sounds good. if you really want to be safe, buy a whole load, and start low. keep blowing them until they stop!

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    3 amp was the size in the unit I had.

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    Thanks guys.. I'll try the spare 2.5A one I have lying around. Hopefully that should be fine.

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