alright... i've had MAJOR problems with modded lilliput screens from mp3car...

first it only shows half he screen (but the touchscreen worked)

i sent that back to mp3car, got the same screen back with a replacement wire... yeha.. that didnt do ****..

so i sent it back again matt saw whgat was happening... and sent me a new screen... however... THIS ONE DOESNT TURN ON

and well... this is really starting to **** me off, 485 bucks down the drain... about 20 more in shipping... another 20 for 500 dollar shipping insurance...,. alot of time and money wasted, and the screen still doesnt work.

i have the wrx bezel kit w/ screen, has anyone had any problems with thiers as well right out of the box?

once screen only half worked, so they sent me a new one... which doesnt work at all....

doesnt mp3car test this stuff?