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Thread: Lilliput Power Adapter

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    Lilliput Power Adapter

    hi, i was just wondering if any of you have ever experienced problems with your power adapter. i think that my dc power adapter has gone out because it will no longer turn my screen on in my car, but when i take the screen in the house, and plug it into ac, the screen works fine. i guess my question is do any of you know where i can buy another power adapter either the same thing or one that will work the same? its 12~16v in and 12v out. i'd appreciate any help i can get. thanks!

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    I used a multimeter to test the power coming out of the cords.

    the power adapter that plugs in to the cig lighter is fine, but theres also a cable that the other end plugs into with the red white and yellow phono plugs, and the power tip for the screen and also a usb type connector.

    does anyone know where i can buy that? or do i need to try and order it directly from lilliput.


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