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Thread: 8" - 10" LCD w/ VGA

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    8" - 10" LCD w/ VGA

    Hullo all

    I have been reading the various posts on this forum for days, now. I'm trying to absorb all this information.

    I had an in-car computer nearly 4 years ago, using a MatrixOrbital 4x40, with LCD-Proc. Anyways..

    I am now looking to re-do a car computer, with my new vehicle. Luckily, I have lots of room, and I am looking for an 8inch to 10inch LCD Screen, with VGA.

    Basicaly, while I do know about computer hardware, I'm really scared of having to get a LCD with a Controller, or trying to match Pin-outs, etc. Touch-screen is not important to me, although it is a great feature.

    I am really looking for a "package". Basically, something that I can plug-and-play. I know in this type of application, that is asking a lot. An LCD that came with a controller and Win98 drivers would be great as well.

    Oh how I would love to just plug one in

    I am curious for any reccomendations?

    Thank you all kindly

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    check out the thread in the f/s section, 10.4in VGA LCDs for $75, that's a complete setup.



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