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Thread: vga rca switch

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    vga rca switch

    hello i have lilliput 619...
    now i want install a rear camera, but my monitor don't support auto switching.
    Some body know the metod for autoswitch vga signal with rca signal.
    i explain
    i connect rear camera power to rear light.
    the carputer is on
    when i insert rear march, switch vga signal to rca....and when i disinserect rear march return vga signal...
    is possible??????

    sorry for my english
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    I am using this
    But it can't switch VGA, only RCA.

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    well, RCA is a lot easier, its just 2 wires per cable..

    vga has what, 15?..

    dont know if there is an easy solution to this one

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    There are 2 solutions that people are working to get it auto switch. Both involved with PIC.
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    i think its much easier to get a xenarc than to do all the custom switching thing
    worth the extra bucks

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    You could use a "cheese box" with a relay on the switch.. check out

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    Quote Originally Posted by airspeed View Post
    I am using this
    But it can't switch VGA, only RCA.
    So wait.. How does this change the input to display on the monitor (Lilliput)?
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    It doesn't.... This would work if you where only using the RCA Inputs of your Monitor.
    Any updates on other options?

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    I think I may have a solution, its a odd one and I dont know if any one has tried it..... You will have to buy 2 pieces of equipment..... and this http://

    The first item is obviously a KMV switch, but it has a button on the top that you push to switch between VGA sources..... If we can figure out a way to simulate a button press when going in reverse and then again going forward, this could work. Item number 2 would be used to turn the RCA signal into a VGA signal to use with the KMV switch. It is the cheapest RCA to VGA solution I could find..... Does this idea sound doable?

    I have a screen that has auto switching, but I may not be able to use it because my dash area is too small :-(, origianlly it was a motorized screen but now I am looking for a permanent, stationary solution.
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