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Thread: what is digitalww's return policy?

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    what is digitalww's return policy?

    I can't seem to find it on their website. My order hasn't been received yet, can I just refuse the shipment?

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    i recently ordered something from them and it took two weeks to get to VA, it was a ribbon cable, if i remember correctly all shipments under 40 dollars use regular postal mail, and not a shipping service, thats why you can't get tracking or any other info on it, cuz its with the US postal can try contacting their customer service, but they're not open on weekends, so its weird, but the order does come through and ship, so don't worry.

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    nah i'm not worrying, I have a tracking # I just found the screen I wanted used for much cheaper. I want to return the new one and just use the used one.

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