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Thread: New DWW-750FM

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    morris_the_cat, as front panel is attached to the LCD in this unit, doesn't it look awkward when LCD is in open position? Looks like a big bulge on the top. Just my opinion but I have yet to see it in real. You are in a better position to judge this. Let me know how it actually looks in real.


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    When the lcd is open, and the front panel is facing up you can't see it except the volume knob sticks out. It is a little odd to be adjusting the volume on the top of it rather than the portion facing you I guess. Not really much of a buldge though. I'll be posting some pix of my install shortly in the "show off your project section" & will link it here.

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    In case u wish to see this radio installed, here is my install:

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    Quote Originally Posted by morris_the_cat View Post
    Finally got the DWW-750FM installed last weekend after bench testing with it for about a month or two. I never had the speakers hooked up on the bench, so this is like a new toy again. My first impressions of it are quite good!

    -The vga lcd is very bright and readable in the dash, even in bright sunlight.
    -The touch screen panel is good. No need to apply much pressure, and quite accurate even with my fat fingers. Of course it comes with a stylus if you want that too.
    -The amp is plenty powerfull enough. With the volume at 30% it is quite loud, and if I turn it up past 60% it is too loud. I will never have it louder than that, even on a good song. Probably have it at 20-25% most of the time. I can't hear any noise, so it seems rather clean with very little distortion if any. Of course after I hooked up my PC I got some engine noise as the PC has a bad ground - I am quite sure that can be fixed easilly enough by putting in a better ground sometime soon. When the PC is off, it is clean as a whistle.
    -The equalizer only has bass and treble. Fine I guess. Winamp has it's own equalizer so no biggie.
    -The lcd front panel has lots of bars & gizmos for a flashy display, but I don't think they are functional, at least not with this firmware. Hopefully it is upgradable someday?? It shows the clock without the backlight when the car is off. It shows the radio station when you are tuning before it reverts back to the clock after a few moments.
    -The FM radio reception is exceptional. In fact it is much better than my factory Mopar radio! It automatically scans in all the stations it can find & ends up with about 70 presets. Crazy. Then you just renumber your favourite presets to say 1,2,3 instead of say 34, 55, 60 & use the up/down arrows to get to them. Not as easy as pressing the 1,2,3 presets on my factory radio, but not too bad. AM reception is fine too, just haven't tested it too much.
    -The pass thru USB port on the side is handy for transferring my PC files on a memory pen. Haven't used it for anything else.
    -The open/close mechanism on the thing is fine. You need to use 2 hands to do it though, so make sure you are at a red light or something at least. It is very stiff so it won't move around too.
    -You can select the audio source for whatever video mode you are in. That means you can have the radio on when you are in VGA mode or Video 1 mode or whatever or vice versa. This seems handy for when using the GPS only & you still wish to listen to the radio.
    -You have to power the unit on every time you turn on the vehicle. Maybe I am used to the radio coming on right away when u turn on the car, so this will take some getting used to.
    -I never got the power & reset buttons to work (below the lcd) on my bench. I am hoping this is because there wasn't enough power from my power supply & will test in the car sometime soon. But I haven't hooked that into my mobo just yet.

    If you are considering this unit, & have questions, let me know.

    I have the same unit. I found that the AM radio is not very sensitive at all. My factory AM radio preformed much better. FM seems to be ok.

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