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Thread: Ideas for a laptop LCD "tablet install"

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    Ideas for a laptop LCD "tablet install"

    Well, I have an old school dell PIII csx 550mhz with 128 ram. The body of the laptop is small enough to fit inside my glove box which i think is awesome. What i want to do (and critique me if this sucks) is be able to keep the dell laptop lcd (13.3") inside the glove compartent until i want to use it. I already have a flip out dvd player so the only real reason to use the carputer would be for navigation and nintendo roms.

    So when I want to pull the lcd out of the glove compartment I want to be able to 'quick mount' it to somewhere on my dash. So my question is I want to buy some type of a rugged LCD protection thing made of plastic that goes around the screen. One that is like shock absorbant when it is dropped, scratched, etc. Does anyone know of a manufacturer of something like this? I went to the CES in Las Vegas in January(i think) and saw a couple of tablet PCs with this type of covering around them.
    thanks for the help.

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    You could make one.

    Go to home depot or your garage or someplace that has a nice black hose sitting outside (make sure there not looking )

    Cut it down the middle like so ((((((((((((((((((((((_) and wrap it around your screen. Glue it down with epoxy.

    either that or you could put it in a three ring binder less the 3 rings and cut out a screen sized hole. put a bezel on the opening. That would work also

    sorry if my ideas suck just coming up with stuff. Hey im first reply (nothin to build on here. )

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    Thanks for the ideas. I'll throw 'em in the hat.

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