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Thread: Anyone know of a Downward motorized LCD?

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    Question Anyone know of a Downward motorized LCD?

    Hey guys-

    Desperately seeking a downward motorized LCD screen for a pretty unique (I think) application... Vehicle is a 1986 GMC Jimmy, with an aftermarket "highliner" which provides four 4" speakers above the driver and passenger, as well as a single-DIN opening above the rearview mirror.

    My aim is to incorporate either a slave motorized LCD that flips down (and receives input from the actual receiver in the stock location at the driver's knees), or potentially install a full blown DVD receiver into this upper single-DIN cavity.

    If ANYONE has ANY ideas (including such far thrown ideas as installing a fixed LCD on the bottom side of this overhead single-DIN), please throw 'em out on the table... Digging for info on HiFiBuys, Crutchfield, and all the other mega-retailers so far has returned no helpful results, so I'm desperate for creative input at this point!

    The only thing I could come up with was this: Innovatek IN-704L... and sellers aren't exactly abundant.

    But I was hoping I might be able to find something with either a VGA/S-Video input, or some kind of single-DIN receiver to install below with a satellite flip-down touchscreen single-din LCD above...

    THANKS in advance, as always!


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    upside down lilliput?
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    for innovatek u can try (never ordered from them tho..)

    as to the upside down lcd, its been discussed before, altho theres no real EASY way to do it

    some programs will let you flip the image on monitors, so, get a vga screen, mount it upside down, but have the computer flip the image to it, so that the image is right side up (check "Ultramon" its a screen config program)

    or worst case scenario, physically dismantle the unit, and flip the screen around (if it'll fit)

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