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Thread: Xenarc 7" In Dash & Audiobahn ADD51T DSP

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    Xenarc 7" In Dash & Audiobahn ADD51T DSP

    Xenarc 7" In Dash & Audiobahn ADD51T DSP

    So the question was can you fight the DSP in the LCD
    Well heres my write up of how i did it and the photos I took.

    first step is take apart the LCD and the DSP
    take every thing out of the LCD so ur down to just the frame and try and keep track of all them screws

    also remove the side rails ur gonna need to modify them to make room for the DSP card. on the lCD caseing there 3 little scre holes you need to grind them off

    while ur there grinding ur gonna need to take off a 1/4 inch of the bottom part of the rallling for 2/3 of the length of the ralling. You can measure this out and make the call. I regrettable didnt get a photo of the raillings. Once you got all this done you DSP card should fit in the lcd case

    In the bottom of the DSP attached to the case is a plastic cutout the same size as the card you should remove this to use in the new case. next I took the DSP face plate and mounted it to the lower part of the LCD face plate. Making 2 screw holes and 2 slots for the ribbon cables. Using the orignal screws from the face plate i screwed the dsp on to the lcd face plate

    Due to the size restrition i realize this lcd wont ever move agian its stuck in the out postition. when reattacting the lcd to the case railings you need to push the rollars back one screw hole and add a set screw so these rollars dont roll on you.

    after that your pretty much done make a few holes for the power and rca from the dsp. make a few holes to screw the dsp down you should be good to go. When put this all back to gether i left the spring arm off since the lcd wont ever move
    this is my personal favorit pic

    (yes thats the right time)

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    Ya and the Xenarc is poorly design... after thinking about it i could have prolly made that lcd work in a 1/2 din slot. The bottom half is really just a waste of space. it was prolly done cause most cars are 1 din slots.

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    ya i would recomend no one do this...... and if anyone is selling another add51t let me know......

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    LOL, you can get the ADD51T online still, just takes a lot of searching around!

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