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Thread: SAME QUESTION: How to extend Laptop Screen?

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    SAME QUESTION: How to extend Laptop Screen?

    FIRST..Yes I did a SEARCH and all that I keep coming up with is other members asking the same question with only one or two answers. So I'll ask again.

    I'm running a PANASONIC TOUGHBOOK w/touch screen laptop that has a PCIMCA DVD player. I WANT to install this into my truck (2000 Silverado) but would like to SEPERATE the screen from the laptop itself. I havent opened it up just yet, but I'm sure it's either going to be a ribbon cable or multi wire in a sheild sleeve.

    Can you just "CUT INTO" these connections, extend the wires with a wire of same gauge? I'm only going to extend 5-6' (feet) at most. Who has done it?

    Again, sorry for beating a dead horse in the a$$ with this question, but their has to be more than 2 or 3 people who have done this on this forum. PLEASE REPLY.

    Thank You

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    Never tried to extend one but I con't see why it wouldn't work. You should shield the cable. I would look through digi-key and mouser catalogs for a male and female connector to match what the laptop has to make an extension rather than chopping the cable that way it can be converted back to its stock form when your ready to upgrade to something else.

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    I extended a laptop display about 6 feet. I used Ribbon cable and DB25 connectors, and soldered the original cable to the ribbon cable. I think the pics in my sig show it.
    I stopped using the setup because the laptop was too slow and limited. I now have a desktop setup and like it much better.
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    You can look at my page also.

    Depending on the type of connector you have you may be able to buy an extension...

    If it is like mine..and the connectors are not so universal you will have to do what I did.

    Basically you are talking about the same thing I did. Add a chunk of wire in the middle.

    You have to be careful in the connections, I was soldering on a ribbon cable and still have a small display artifact (haven't gotten around to fixing it)

    There is probably a distance limit, but if you use for example a couple of IDE headers for your connectors, you can experiment with the maximum length.


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