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Thread: 4 x 20 LCD screwed up.

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    4 x 20 LCD screwed up.

    Ok so I have a red backlit LCD that is polarized. I had problems earlier with getting bunches of garbage on the screen but I figured out that it was my parallel extension cable. I took the seat out of my car and exchanged it with a working cable.

    Anyway, I took a break and left the LCD on the dash in the hot Louisiana sun. When I went back outside later, the normaly black screen of the LCD was the grey color of any standard LCD. It was like the polarizing film wasn't there. So I took the LCD out of the sunlight and slowly, the black color returned... It was very weird. Then, I turned the computer on and the LCD seemed to look just fine. It had the standard 2 rows of red and 2 of black. Then all of a sudden it just went off.

    I rebooted the computer and the same thing happened. Does anybody know what's going on here?

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    sunlight = bad news for any lcd. Good idea to shade it when not in use. Dunno why it would cut out though - check and recheck all your connections in case one has come loose. Try disconnecting your parallel lead and powering it on to see if the boxes stay.
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