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Thread: The Ultimate Display

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    The Ultimate Display

    Here is something new I came across. Not a touchscreen but worth checking out.

    Pretty impressive.

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    awesome, now we just have to wait for pricing and someone to test em out.
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    *everything is working great, just need to button up some wires and paint the sub box.

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    Very nice monitors doesn't even have to be transflective

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    Quote Originally Posted by moto_123 View Post
    awesome, now we just have to wait for pricing and someone to test em out.
    We have to wait for them to exist before we wait for pricing Then we have to wait for a reseller, then we get to wait for pricing, then for a brave soul, then we can be sad that someone else has an even better one out.

    That said it still makes me drool

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    Does anyone know if this display ever made it to market? I've googled my heart out trying to find it, but cant even determine a model number. All I can find is just announcements like this one.

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