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Thread: some questions for TFT LCD screen

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    Question some questions for TFT LCD screen

    Hi ,
    I'm from Europe so please excuse my bad english

    I plan to buy a TFT /LCD for my car.
    What i want to do with it is the following:
    watch movies & TV
    listen to mp3
    and routing (GPS planned )

    What size is best or acceptable for this :
    I read some older threads here and there they told that 5,6" is ok - My question is is it really ok for looking from cunductor or front passenger seat ?
    - I want to buy one from ebay because its cheaper ( mostly :-)
    Are there any details i have to take a closer look before buying ? ( pixels for example ...) I'm a newbie concerning little TFT screens so please give me some hints on what to take a closer look before buying and on mounting it .

    general questions -
    how do you protect your LCD/TFT screens from the sun ?
    How do you protect the screen against robbery ( i mean that noone can steal it )
    Are u using TV out or something else to connect them ?

    Many thanks



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    If you want GPS i'd get a 6inch min screen. Anything under that you will have a hard time seeing. My friend tried it on a 5inch and it was doable but not pretty.

    I've seen gps software that will show the map with directions along with tell you when to turn via the sound card. A very nice option so you don't have to take your eyes off the road. I'm not sure if any computer software will do that since I haven't looked into it.

    As for what to look for. Go with a VGA screen if you want to spend at least 300 for the screen and the controller. If you want to get a RCA input screen then you can spend a min of 100 up to 300. The one thing to look for in any screen is the brightness and this will be messures in nits. Look for anything around 200. A lot of cheap screens will be around 70 i think? and they suck in direct sunlight.

    If you go with a VGA screen you use a controller card if you go the other option its a tvout card.

    As for theft, I have mine on a arm that i can just slide off and place it into the center console when I leave my truck. I only use it on long trips anyway. As for sun.. just keep it out of direct sunlight.. there are many ways to do this.
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    Microsoft co-pilot 2001/2002 can do the 'speak' GPS, but sadly (for me anyway) they dont have Australian maps - only American/European..?? and they provide no option of converting other map formats (I spose it takes a while to enter all the 'best route' data?)

    if they did do an OZ version I would jump on it, since I would love to have GPS added soon to my setup... looking at the res of my 5.6inch I think GPS should be okay...... assuming the map is zoomed into a decent level of course, but when driving u probably dont want the map zoomed out like crazy anyway....
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    It's not microsoft co pilot that does all those fancy things - its made by travroute -

    Anyway, I'm hoping that by some mirical copilot decide to do uk maps, otherwise its good old ms autoroute (uk version of streets and trips )
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