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Thread: Liliput: Flicker, flicker, flicker.. Dead

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    Liliput: Flicker, flicker, flicker.. Dead

    Hey everyone,
    after I searched abit I couldn’t find anyone with the same problem, After I finally got everything I wanted to work, my screen died, I was driving back to school about 5 hours and the computer was working awesome, right before I pulled into campus, the screen started flickering on and off like the backlight was going after about 30 secs it just shut off, the touch screen was still responsive and the bottom blue lights turn on and such but nothing on the screen, at first I thought it was just the backlight but when i was playing around in the daytime it seems like the whole controller board for the backlight and display is shot. Usually you’d be able to see the image, but nothing.
    Has any one had this happen to them? Thanks for any input!!

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    Are you familiar with electronics?
    Can you check if the fuse is blown?

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