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Thread: mp3car SP7=Dynamix 706 or LinITX Plus 7

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    Question mp3car SP7=Dynamix 706 or LinITX Plus 7

    Is mp3car SP7 same as other two monitors mentioned in title? Looks like it is old one. Different specs (no auto on etc) and different photo. Can someone please confirm if the units currently in stock are the same as Dynamix 706 and LinITX Plus 7


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    I just called to check. The representative told me the SP7 does not have the auto-on/auto-off feature, nor does it have the auto-switch reverse camera input.. So it looks like it is in fact the old model.

    I did find the Dynamix 706 by searching on Google, so if that's what you're looking for, you may want to PM me. That's probably the direction I'll be going.. Good luck.

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