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Thread: Carputer in Scion xB

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    Finally done... here is my website (to save bandwidth on and it has all my pictures... i threw in some pics of the base of the laptop mount and the fishing pole rack ...

    What do you all think?

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    ^^^ very nice work dude. i wish i had the guts + skills + money to install something INTO my box. right now, im just using a tablet laptop in my xb but it is a great solution for me. if you wanna check out my setup, click on the link in my sig.

    good work. im diggin the location of the dvd drive.
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    I know this is an old thread but My question is, DOES THE SCREEN STILL WORK?
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    I know I'm digging up dirt here, but I googled my username (JB007Rules) and I found a TON of stuff ... Yes it does still work... as a madder of fact it broke, and liliput ended up sending me a new one for $100 and after that I sold it in January to my buddy that I was working with at the time, AFAIK it's still in his 2006 Scion xB right now

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