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Thread: Problem with portrait mode (600x800) on Lilliput 8.4 Touch screen display.

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    Problem with portrait mode (600x800) on Lilliput 8.4 Touch screen display.

    This is a new display that works fine in landscape mode (800x600). My installation requires that I run in portrait mode (600x800). When I attempt to rotate the display 90 degrees using ATI Radeon 9000 driver, I get a message “The requested rotation mode is not supported by your current display mode (resolution and/or refresh rate and/or color depth). Please change the current display mode and try again)". The image on the screen then appears as if the rotation worked and the display properties correctly show the screen resolution of 600x800. However, when I start my MS Streets & Trips I get a message saying “This application cannot run in less than 640x480 screen resolution. Do you want to change your display settings now?” If I select “yes” the resolution changes to 768x1024 and 600x800 is no longer an option in the display properties. Since 1024x768 is not the native resolution of the Lilliput, it looks terrible. I have tried to reduce the color to 16 bit and the refresh rate is already at 60Hz. I have also tried using Pivot Pro 8 to rotate the display. That software automatically sets the resolution at 768x1024, again not the desired resolution of 600x800.

    The version of the ATI driver is, which appears to be the most recent driver available. The computer is a Dell Latitude D600 running XP service pack 2).

    Has anybody suceeded in getting the 8.4 display to work in 600x800?

    Does anyone know if there is a technical reason why this should not work?


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    [/640x480 screen resolution
    The resolution must be 800x600. Instead of 600x800. Because of the screen is 4:3 instead of 3:4.
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    I use portrait mode & one thing I can tell you is, some programs just don't like to be rotated & don't play well in portrait mode, while others do....

    this sounds like s&t isn't liking it... does everything else cooperate? maybe iguidance might be better if s&t don'tt work for you...

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    I think S&T issue is red herring. I get errror message "requested rotation mode is not supported..." before trying to run S&T. Once in 768x1024 everything works (including S&T), I just don't like how small everything looks. Maybe a non issue whith Street names set to BIG and a decent front end like StreetDeck. Still, I don't understand why 600x800 does not work. BTW, 600x800 does work on my Dell Flat panel, just not on Lilliput.

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    I totally agree with you

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