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Thread: xenarc 840tsv- anyone have one?

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    xenarc 840tsv- anyone have one?

    Well, I've an m10000 on order and I was about the get a widescreen 8" when I did a search and found the 800x480 conundrum. Thanks I dodged a bullet! So back to 4:3 I guess- figuring on an Xenarc 840tsv because it's car power friendly and has 800x600 native instead of 640x480 like everything else I found in that size.

    a quick search or two only brought up someone looking for dimensions and a template someone had made (darquepervert, maybe?).

    Anyone have any experience with this particular lcd?


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    bump- anyone?

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    I have one with me mate...

    turns out, there is NO autoswitch (to RCA) on the 840 model. Only the 700,800 and 1020 have it.
    Picture is very nice and the touchscreen is also accurate - no surprise there.

    Havnt done much other testing, as the lack of autoswitch means I am returning it, so Im keeping it in new condition.

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