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Thread: Lilliput indash , wont open and close corectly

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    Lilliput indash , wont open and close corectly

    I just got my new lilliput indash today, and sending the other one for repair, they replaced it, but today when i installed it, it wont close and open corectly, is there anything i can do to fix it, i aint gonna spend another 100$ for sending it back, and wait 3 month again..
    They even said they never resieved my other unit, untill i tracked it down whit track and trace, and sudently it showed up at the factory, supprise..
    I can understand alot of people have problems whit this unit.?

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    I solved it myself, i open it, and some censors wanna the right place, so good so fare, well no..
    I installed it, (its brand new) first time i set the cables for the speakers, the sound is noisy, and it aint playing the music from the pc, there is just this anoing sound in the speakers, what can this be.?
    And to thoose who is thinking of buying a lilliput, i can just say DONT DO IT..
    I was suprissed when i open it, the work inside, looks like it was made whit handgrenades, really bad work, and the electronic, well there isent much inside...

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