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Thread: Xenarc 700 TSV randomly starting up with screen shifted

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    Xenarc 700 TSV randomly starting up with screen shifted

    Sometimes, and I can't figure out a ryme or reason why, my xenarc 700 tsv will start up with windows shifted halfway across the screen.

    So to fix this I have to go to auto detect and then it re-centers.

    This is a brand new xenarc that I purchased from mp3car.

    I have a home-brew PC powered off of a DSATX.

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    has anyone heard of this or know how to fix or is this normal for a xenarc?

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    right click on the desktop go to properties..... Click on the settings tab...then click advanced then go to the monitor tab....what is the screens refresh rate?? I have the xenarc 700 tsv and the refresh rate is 60hz..If it is on 60 try changing it..... But if its not on 60 put it on 60 and tell me what happens!
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    I have the same problem now and then. I have a power switch installed inline with the relay that I have setup to turn that screen on and off, so I just turn it on and off a bunch of times until it goes back to normal.

    Also, you can auto-calibrate and it should fix the problem. I don't really have access to the buttons, so thats why I use the power cycle method.

    Hope this helps

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    I have the same problem sometimes. One thing that seems to be working is that I have the desktop run at 800x600, but in RR config I have it switch to 800x480. So far so good with that setup.

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    i have the same problem with my screen
    change the refresh rate seem to fix the problem
    if not you can try to plug the screen onto another computer
    and see how it goes

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