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Thread: Tview t700ts - Bad drivers or bad touchscreen?

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    Tview t700ts - Bad drivers or bad touchscreen?

    Hey ya'll. I'm having an issue with a monitor I just purchased. Got it in the mail today and opened the box and noticed there was no CD in the package. So, I did some searching and found a few software installation files to try out.

    I've used the touchkit, which seems to be new and a download from DigitalWW. I haven't been able to get the touchscreen to work though. So, I'm thinking of just returning the monitor and getting a replacement, but I'd really like to know if anyone has used the TS software I'm using successfully on a Tview 7" LCD monitor. If I'm using the right software and installing it correctly, then the TS itself is at fault and I'll just try to get it replaced.

    So far, I've run both setup files several times, each time, uninstalling and shutting down, then reinstalling before testing. No luck. I've tried the monitor on two machines with no luck. I've tried it with the USB extension cable and without the extension cable, with no luck. I've used my finger, fingernail, stylus... no go.

    The systems recognize the USB controller is attached, but that's it. If I pull out the USB cable, the systems recognize the controller was removed. Touchkit and the other program show the touchscreen as 2.12 RESISTIVE, I believe. Seems like it recognizes it just fine, so I'm not sure why it's not quite working.

    It's a shame 'cause it looks great and I'm eager to get working on this project, but unless I can get this working properly, there's not much point in going further.

    If anyone can zip up the installation files for Windows XP that comes on the CD for this monitor, I'd appreciate it. I would like to try that out before calling it quits. If anyone else has any suggestions, please chime in. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Funny, jusyt got mine and I have the same issues. No CD and the touchscreen is inop

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    I used the touchscreen drivers from the xenarc... it works flawlessly
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