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Thread: K90 or K301?

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    K90 or K301?

    I wanna buy one of these monitors. Which one has better image quality and what others differences they have? I know that the K90 has a tv tuner but i don't really need it. And something else: These monitors are always activated by the ignition wire or they can be activated by the ignition wire AND the open/close button also? I mean that i want to activate the monitor when i turn the key into the ignition position and press the open/close button.
    thank you

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    301 doesn't really do that, if its in standby it opens and closes on the ignition. You can open and close it manually but you have to remember to do it otherwise it will open auto next time you power up. You could wire the ign feed from a permanent live via a switch if you want but I don't see the point in that. If you want it to be manual then don't buy a motorised screen.
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    if you want the K301 dont buy it from autonode get it from trust me youll be thanking me later

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