i have an '03 pathfinder that i am trying to install the OE entertainment system in. i have all the parts but have 2 remaining questions that i hope somebody can help me with since the dealer here in Canada won't lift a finger since it was not an option here!

1) i don't see a harness hookup for the AUX switch that goes on the center console. I also see that there is an empty female on the back of the radio. Do i need to get a harness between the AUX switch and the radio? Anybody have a part number? is this the right hookup?
2) the amp for the entertainment system that is housed in the cargo area, has an 8 pin connector that plugs into the back of the dvd unit. is there an adaptor that will allow me to plug my IPOD video into the 8 pin?

thanks a ton for any help