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Thread: any idea?

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    any idea?

    1. Keyboards chips takes special top lap low energy .
    2. Adopt the top lap low energy
    3. Adopt the top lap exclusive hardware.
    4. Adopt the top lap exclusive memory 256M/512M/1G
    5. Inset DVD Recorder.
    6. Six USB 2.0 insert
    7. Taking SONY Vehicle special loudspeaker.(4 X 45W power amplifier)
    8. line 4 low sound frequency output
    9. line 3 sound frequency signal input
    10. line 2 video frequency signal input
    11. Line 1 pull back video frequency signal input
    12. ITPS automatic power off function
    13. 6V/24V input under the steady voltage
    14. Connect CDC(DVD/CD/MP3/VCD)6/12 pieces disc box
    15. Touchable OSD menu
    16. Touched radio, loudspeaker menu.
    17. stedeo AM/FM Radio
    18. Savable 40 channels
    19. Many kinds of EQ sound choices
    20 7 inches high bright LCD monitor
    21. standard double DIN Vehicle loudspeaker dimension
    22. vehicle accidental judgement system (purchase )
    23. Line 1 VGA signal output
    24. Angel 45 screen visual automatic adjustment
    25. click folded organization
    26. Full function control
    27. still volume function
    28. forward microphone insert
    29. forward the ear tab insert
    30. HDD:40G-80G
    31. CPU:PM(CM)1.0-2.0 Intel Pentium M Socket 478 CPU, Max: 1.6GHz, FSB400MHz
    32. RAM:DVD+-COR
    33. Support DDR 200/266 Max: 1GB DDR SDRAM
    34. Support double display (single display)
    35. Support 6 high speed USB 2.0 connect
    36. Chip group: Intel 82856ET
    37. Display chip: Intel 852GM Extreme Graphics2 engine, Max support 64MByte UMA display memory
    38. Display connect: CRT display support QXGA , Max: 2048 x 1536 "

    any one have info on this?

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    You guys really want something simple to setup huh. No car carpc's under the seat I guess, haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1300mer View Post
    You guys really want something simple to setup huh. No car carpc's under the seat I guess, haha.
    That's where this hobby is going, like it or not, good or bad. These are the units that will bring vehicle computing to the masses.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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