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Thread: Wiring forcharacter LCDs is confusing

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    Wiring forcharacter LCDs is confusing

    Argh! looking around the web for wiring diagrams to connect a hd44780 controlled LCD to the printer port can be very very confusing.

    I originally had a 40x2 from Magnetik, that i fried (whoops) and now i have one of surfer6262's 40x4 comming in the mail. So I have been looking around for a suitable wiring scheme. The confusion is that some wiring diagrams are mirror images of the others. Here is my example:

    whats the go here. ARGH! Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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    Simple.. the top diagram doesn't follow the standard pin orientation of character LCD displays... I have a screen, and the pins were all over teh place compared to others, the bottom diagram is the one you want... or, perhaps you have found others different to these 2??
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    Use the bottom one!
    and dont just go hooking pin whatever on the parrallel port to pin whatever on the lcd cause thats the numbers on that diagram, I would reccomend looking at the datasheet for the lcd and making shure all those pins are what they should be IE that pin 1 is actually DB7 and not DB1. Just in case!

    and just by the looks of it the top diagram is for an different type of controller...
    cause the top diagram is gounding pins 1 and 5 and 1 is DB7 and 5 is DB3!!

    bottom is defffanatly the way to go!
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