Hello, this would be my first post on these forums. I read through as much as I could find from both here and google, and found nothing that actually helps me with what I am doing.

I just recently bought a car which came with an Innovatek TM-702L LCD screen, and I am short of any user manual or remote controller.

I pulled the thing out of the dash, and found a wire with 1 connector similar to S-Video coming out of the unit, and an extention cable which connects to that which has 3 Plugs on the other end.

Two of these plugs are RCA, one being Yellow and the other being Red, and the other is a Black non-RCA of unknown connector type. (The red and black are coupled, and the yellow is seperated until all 3 wires meet at a sleeve).

I take in assumption that this black connector is my power. What fits this plug so I can give it power? My head unit sure doesnt have this, the LCD would have to be powered seperatley.

If I am wrong, and one of the RCA's is power, which one? How would I go about feeding this power?

If anyone could help then I would be greatly appreciative.