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Thread: Lilliput Drivers

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    Angry Lilliput Drivers

    Well I must either be the worst googler (is that possible?) or I certainly dont deserve my IT degree because I cannot figure out how to install the drivers from the lilliput website. and downloaded the drivers for XP. now what the heck do I do with it? This is just a random file. I cant extract anything or implement it at all. Im lost. How do I install these drivers. Also I Referenced this post HELP me PLEASE: Lilliput touch screen "No more controller" and Have tried everything he did. I also get the No More Controller Error. Also When I got my TFT in the mail they didnt ship me the little CD it is supposed to come with. So im all @ Lilliput.

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    You should try searching these forums instead.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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