I bought a Lilliput 10.4 TS from ebay, electronicar, in November. I have not opened the case on this at all, I bought it to mount inside a wall for controlling music of my HTPC. All has been working fine but I now have little pink dots all over the screen which can best be decribed in this post:
Lilliput image problem ( pink borders)

About a week ago I had a similar problem with bright green dots the same way but not as bad.

I tried different sources and different cabling and was able to get it to go away once by connecting it to my laptop but then they came back when I hooked it back up to the PC and are now shown when hooked up to anything including the laptop.

I really don't want to have to send this back to Hong Kong, I guess thats what I get for not buying here.

Any advise on what I can try or results from people that had to send back to Hong Kong??

Thanks for any help.