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Thread: "GameCube Mobile Monitor 5.4"?

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    "GameCube Mobile Monitor 5.4"?

    Sorry if this has been posted before, didn't have much time to search the old posts. I'm tempted to pick one up every time I go to BB. It includes a car power adapter which the sales guy said also powered the GC itself (maybe your carputer?), though I haven't seen anything else stating that. Looks like it has standard inputs, and it has some little speakers too (PC speaker maybe?). I'm no expert, but it looks like it's comparable to the ones on eBay for about the same price, with a few neat features tacked on.

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    your probably better off buying a $80 screen on ebay.
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    They were discussed quite some while back in a thread by Jeff Mucha about the psone screen. The GC mobile monitor was actually said to be quite rubbish, while the psone screen was supposed to be better.

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