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Thread: Help! LCD no longer powers on with computer

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    Unhappy Help! LCD no longer powers on with computer

    I'm going to throw this out there to see if anyone has a solution before I tear apart my carpc and rewire it.

    The problem is that when I turn on the car, the Xenarc 700TSV turns on and a second or two later the carpc turns on. The Xenarc waits a few seconds and then gives a "power off" notification and turns off. The computer continues to boot accordingly.

    Background: The Xenarc is wired directly to car acc and turns on with the ignition. I realized after the initial install that I should have powered it off the m2-atx but never got around to rewiring it.

    In addition - this setup has worked fine since the install. If it's very cold out and the car's been sitting overnight then the pc wouldn't boot right away so it wouldn't work.

    The problem occured yesterday. I took the pc out to install the sirius MJS card in my apl1. I rewired a few things but didn't touch the lcd wire. That's why I can't think of why that "broke it". I've booted up quite a few times since yesterday and always the same problem.

    Finally, one thing I don't get is this: I hear the carpc boot up but the lcd didn't catch it. I can hear the carpc go through it's motions - windows chime, etc. Then I hear roadrunner start but thats where it ends. No music. Normally, music should start. What I also don't get is, if the Xenarc didn't catch the carpc initially, shouldn't it power on when I manually press the xenarc power button after the pc has restarted?

    I'm so frustrated - any ideas would help alot.


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    That sounds like the same issue I'm having. Different monitor, but same power supply, m2-atx. Monitor powered directly from the car.
    The keyboard also doesn't appear to power on. It will blink, then go off.

    My theory is that it has to do with the Cold weather. If you're in NY then your weather is the same as mine.

    What I've been doing is letting the car warm up (with the heat on, not just the engine). After doing so I'll reset the pc power and everything will boot up fine. Electronics don't seem to work well in freezing temperature. When it was hot outside it worked fine.

    I'd like to know if that works for you?

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