please delete this post.

thank you. I've decided i'd rather just buy an adapter that fits for 12 dollars rather than try to jerryrig something and fry my screen.

I'm new to the forums, but i've been lurking and reading posts for a little while now, and I am very impressed with the work that you guys have done.
I ordered the 8" Innovatek TM-868 off of ebay, and it arrived with the Home adapter as well as the Cigarette Lighter Adapter.

I had a laptop with a broken LCD screen, so i removed the LCD entirely, so its just a halftop. (dell inspiron 1000, celeron 2ghz/512mb)

I have a working frontend, and so far I am basically done with all the software that I needed. As I make the transition from my home to my car, I ran into a problem that i didn't notice before because I didn't try the screen in the car, I went straight to figuring out everything from the comfort of my couch.

The Cigarette Lighter plug for the LCD is smaller than the AC adapter and does not fit into the hole provided. The AC adapter is about the size of a standard Dell power plug, and the Car plug is half that.

Would it be OK to simply snip the ends off of both power adapters and connect the Home plug onto the cigarette cable to run the screen off of the cigarette lighter?