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Thread: Alpine 7" VGA Monitor w/ built-in BT - Rtl $450

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    Alpine 7" VGA Monitor w/ built-in BT - Rtl $450

    Alpine 7" VGA Monitor w/ built-in Bluetooth - Retail $450 - Available in March

    • 7" WVGA Touch Screen Monitor
    • 1.15 million pixels
    • RGB 800x480, 16:9
    • Built-in Bluetooth module
    • Streaming Audio ready (requires Ai-NET to RCA)
    • 2DIN mounting bracket for in-dash installation included
    • 1 A/V input
    • 1 A/V output
    • Dedicated camera input with reverse sensor
    • Provision for external Bluetooth microphone

    Features (from Alpine):
    Need to add a monitor to your system? New for 2007, the TME-M740BT is the ideal stand-alone monitor to fit your needs. This 7-inch WVGA monitor boasts 1.15 million pixels for excellent image quality and viewing angles with a 16:9 image aspect ratio. It’s also equipped with a touch screen display for convenience. With built-in Bluetooth compatibility, you can get on-screen touch control of your Bluetooth enabled cell phone.

    Easy Phone Access with Bluetooth™
    The TME-M740BT features a built-in Bluetooth module and microphone. With the Bluetooth function enabled, you can have access to received calls, dialed numbers, and missed call histories right from the monitor. Your phone book is also displayed through the monitor and you can dial using the 12-key direct number input, or via on-screen speed dial and quick call button.

    Streaming audio from A2DP-enabled mobile phones, such as Motorola’s music service, can be accessed through the TME-M740BT’s Bluetooth connection. You can also get access to all your MP3 music stored on your phone. Basic music playback functions from compatible pones, such as Play/Pause, and Track Forward/Backward, can be controlled from the TME-M740BT’s touch screen.

    Total Control Over The VehicleHub Pro System
    If you want an on-screen display to compliment your VehicleHub Pro, VPA-B222, set-up, you can add the TME-M740BT. The VPA-B222 is a the control hub for expansion – iPod®, 5.1 surround sound, Satellite Radio, HD Radio, navigation, the possibilities are endless, without even having to change out your dash. With such a wide array of functionality, it’s only fitting to get the highest resolution touch screen control for your ultimate system with the TME-M740BT.

    Fit for the Navigation System
    Add Alpine’s premier navigation without changing out your factory dash – you can simply mount the TME-M740BT, connect to the NVE-N872A and navigation is at your command. Likewise, if you own an Alpine Blackbird, you can have it output to the TME-M740BT for a larger, more convenient display. Get touch control and remote control of your navi. The TME-M740BT comes equipped with a built-in speaker so you will get full voice guidance from your navigation unit, turn-by-turn.

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    I can't find an owner's manual, but I'll gamble that this doesn't have a VGA input - however, an enterprising hacker may be able to figure it out. You could use the monitor for the best of both worlds. Get a real navi system from Alpine with built-in bluetooth that works AND hookup the CarPC for media functionality via a high-quality input.

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    if only it could control the pxa-h701! i wonder if it'll be easier to view during the day then the lilli/xenarcs that are out there now
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    We will be able to buy a VGA touchscreen in a real good brand..

    But i really wonder if there is a VGA connector, or it will be needed to buy an adaptor, or there won't have any way to plug a PC...

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    This screen can control a VehicleHub Pro, which can utilize an h701 or the new PXE-H650. Really hopeing it has a VGA input or can be easily modded.

    Note that the VehicleHub Pro also has an FM tuner and the ability to add HD radio and Sat. Only thing missing is a CD/DVD drive.

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