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Thread: best monitor??

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    best monitor??

    Hi guys and girls, I have a question concerning LCD touchpanels. I am located in Calgary, Canada ad it gets really cold here, i Have a remote car starter so a 15Min warmup before i go out to the car helps but i am interested in what you guy's feel is a reliable, solid touchpanel. As i am driving a jetta and i dont want to do custom work, i need a 1DIN unit with manual or motorized mechanism, but i dont want to spend good money on junk.

    so any help you guys can offer is appreciated.

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    So nobody on these forums is using an in-dash LCD panel that they like? Are they all garbage?

    bump it up.

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    yup pretty much
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    if you are concerned about ambient temp. you should consider a custom build. most units out there can't take the cold. yet.

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    The best kind is the one where you can press the screen and stuff. Crazy........
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    Quote Originally Posted by atekind View Post
    So nobody on these forums is using an in-dash LCD panel that they like? Are they all garbage?

    bump it up.
    Quote Originally Posted by lostreception View Post
    yup pretty much

    Basically the motors break and no more motorized. Also they are floppy. You push them and they wiggle.

    Yes they are crap.

    As far as temperatures, most screens should be fine. The image will be ghosty and less coloured when very cold. Also the TS may not function correctly until warmed up.

    Good to see another canadian! (I am too) Don't forget to add your name to the "who here is canadian" thread. Search and ye shall find.
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