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Thread: Got my Xenarc in today!!!

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    Hey there....YES, the camera blows...hahaha

    I would definately buy the Xenarc again, no question. Great product. Out of the box, the screen is kinda hard to see in sunlight. There is a thing piece of plastic that covers the main screen. Jason said that you can unscrew the thing and slide it out, very easily and it won't be so reflective and we'll be easier to see in daytime.

    I bought the keyboard from a place in MS, haven't found it anywhere else! I'll look and get the exact details on it if you guys want.

    The pisc were in 640x480 (stretched)
    I used Powerstrip to set the resolution to 800x480.

    When valet parked my car, they scooted the seat up and knocked my video card and messed it up, so I am using my on-board video now. But, I can watch DVD's just fine on my 533 celery with the onboard so I may not even get a new card.

    Go for it guys!!!!!


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    Thumbs up powering xenarc using 12VDC


    I have successfully powered by Xenarc display using 12VDC coming from my vechiles fuse box. I just cut the power wire on the Xenarc AC adapter. I then wired the power to my fuse box and used a product called add-a-circuit from Littelfuse, it allows you to tap into a fuse easily and it gives you a slot for a fuse that will protect the Xenarc. I popped a 1 amp fuse in teh add-a-circuit (for the Xenarc) and the screen works great.

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