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Thread: Auto On for Lilliput EBY701

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    It worked fine for me. Thanks.

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    now, the firmware come with menu... quite easy with no need coding anymore.

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    I have my front panel lines fried (yes, in the processor), so I had to do hardware trick to have auto on

    This is pretty cool menu option though.
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    Worked great

    *****ing post man! Getting into that factory menu allowed me to fix every annoyance I had with this monitor. Thanks a lot!

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    Auto On for Lilliput 889GL-80NP

    The software mod worked for my new 889gl-80NP. Many thanks for all the info that everyone posts.

    I tried several suggestions found here but the one that was the breakthru was Bobbykokinos here

    My screen is normally powered by the 12v from the PC. To make things easier, I temporarily used a cigarette lighter power plug so that I could disconnect the power to the screen at will, without having to reboot the PC.

    Attached are 2 photos, one with the first screen that comes up after pressing 588998. The second photo is the screen that comes up after pressing "Menu" on the monitor.. NOT on the remote. As Bobbikokinos writes, I used the monitor buttons to change the settings on this screen. His post helped the most. Read it carefully. Especially the part about pressing "menu" twice on the monitor after changing the desired line. This seems to be what saves the setting.

    Notice in the second picture that I changed the "power mode" line to 1. All I know is that after following these procedures, and using the power from the PC, when I start the car, the PC boots, suppling power to the monitor and then monitor comes on.

    I hope this helps someone....
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    Thanks to the OP for that help...

    I dont know What I would do with the board...a tear comes to my eye

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    Big Thanks for this, now I don't have to make a spot for my buttons in the bezel. I lve this website!

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    Great post man, thank you very much. Worked 2nd time I tried it. I think the thing is, point the remote fairly close to the IR receiver window. And press the numbers firmly.

    Thanks again
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    Great, im only seeing this now.

    I pulled off the power button on the Buttons PCB Board and soldered a piece of wire across the button terminals. So now i have an AUTO-ON, but anyways, My method works well too.

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    Thanks Soooooo Much

    You guys are awesome ive been needing to do this for a while now and this thread was just what was necessary im so greatful you have restored my faith in humanity

    keep up the amazing work

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