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Thread: Multiple view screens.

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    Multiple view screens.

    I was thinking of ways to make the task of operating a carputer more efficient.

    I am going to do the normal carputer tasks: music playing, GPS navigation, phone control, rear view camera, etc. I intend to build a 1.5 or double din unit which contains the carputer hardware. The motherboard, hard drive, power supply, etc would all be contained inside this unit, much like this:

    Complete bolt in Screen/CPU/HD/PS - indash

    The primary difference will be the screen. I don't intend to put the screen in the din slot. I am going with a full size conversion van, and I'll put the screen here instead:

    In place of the screen where it would normally go, I plan to put a panel that shall function much like a head unit. It will have volume control, pause, play, and a dvd drive for inserting CDs.. I was also thinking I could put buttons that switch between applications on this panel, such as "Phone", "Rear View", "GPS", and so forth.

    The idea I had for the LCD display on the front panel would be something like one of these:

    This would display the song playing, song progress, pause/play information, etc. Since it would already display the song information, I was thinking this would allow the primary LCD sreen to display some other function at the same time, such as GPS, rear view monitor, or a phone control application.

    Any thoughts on this?
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    Well, nothing specific to your design idea, but i like it. I've been considering a dual screen setup as my first, but i dont know how i want to do it.
    All i know so far is its not worth it for my current car, i want to replace it before playing with the idea.

    Dual screens = awesome. of course, its also going to be EXPENSIVE, and many operating systems arent exactly elegant with handeling a dual screen configuration.

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