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Thread: looking for 7" screen

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    looking for 7" screen

    I'm looking fora 7" LCD screen for my car. I purchsed the Alpine CVA-1006 and realized it does not have the same input on the brain unit for the navigation as the factory deck in my land rover.

    So i do not want to install the system, which i am currently selling, if anyone interested...

    ANYWAY, I am looking for just a 7" screen, much like the Xenarc 700TS as i got the idea from Freelander as i am doing the EXACT same install.

    I am not installing a carputer. I simply just want to install my playstation2 to have for gaming and DVD playing.

    My main worry, not knowing much about screens, is that all the screens i find are VGA. The playstation does not have VGA.

    I know someone has knowledge about this, i obviously do not.


    thanks alot.

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    So get a screen with a composite video input(that yellow RCA connector) .
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I want to do the same mod on my freelander too, any ideas you found?

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