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Thread: back light in the screen lilliput EBY701

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    it is a backlight problem. The OSK he is trying to describe is the on screen menu when you push the menu button on the LCD. It gives you the configuration options for the screen. The blue/violet/red sequence is exactly what I have.

    Normally the OSK is bright white. If it is not white, then there is a problem. Check the 2 thick wires, running to the inverter screen from the main board. The plug that holds them is really easy to fall out. So if you are looking at the screen from the back (LCD table down, Back case facing you) undo all the screws, and pry off the case. Then on your left will be 2 large ribbon cables, and a yellowish 4 pin see through wire. Unplug all of those, and then you can lift the left of the screen up, and hinge it on the right side. The part still holding the right screen down should be the inverter wires. If it is completely loose, then you have a problem.
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    Same Issue!

    Hey all!

    I have the same problem. I press my power button and the screen remains blank. I looked at the LEDs to see if power was coming to the unit and it was (lights all turned blue). I then checked my monitor cables and connections and they all seemed fine. My screen has the auto-on (option is checked).
    If I turn off my car, the screen will stay on because it is running off the cigarette lighter so if the I turn the car back on the screen would go blank. Now, the screen doesn't turn on at all! I checked the lights and they still come on but the power light also has a red light on with it.

    Let me know if you guys have any ideas.
    I am going to try using the wall plug and see if it is my ac adapter.


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