I've started to drool over LCD screen rear view mirrors and wanted to know if anyone had product suggestions. My biggest priority is a fairly low profile stock look. Almost all of the mirrors I've found are at least a foot across and four inches tall, and I think they would look quite out of place.

This one seems just about perfect, but I can't find dimensions or very much other information about it. That site's also the only vendor I can find, and $260 shipped is a little steep for an unknown.

I'm looking for:

-As close to the ~3x9 inch mirror I have now
-4 to 6 inch screen
-Screen off to the side, preferably left (driver's)

Less importantly:

-One composite video input is plenty
-Clip on is fine, I'll be fabricating my own mount regardless
-Don't need or want speakers (Why would you want sound out of your mirror?)

Other examples of what I'm looking for are:

Power Acoustik PTM-450C

Any suggestions?