Hi, i found a good deal on a used unit and was wondering if anyone can help me out. I need to find out how far the Dww-700M is able to extend...

I drive a Scion tC and the double din unit has a Radio Door to hide the HU when not in use. When when the door is open there is like a 3/4 to 1 inch piece that still sticks out on top. incase you don't know what im talking about take a look at these photos

Here is what the radio doors normally looks like

here it is opened

So far everyone has resorted to taking off the doors completely but i would like to keep the doors to hide my new car pc..

I have only found one solution so far and it is a very ugly solution as u can see from the pics...

but hey atleast it fits

anyways anyone know if the DWW-700M will extend far enough to make clearance for the door?