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Thread: What to watch out for when mounting Transflective screen with WRX bolt-in kit?

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    What to watch out for when mounting Transflective screen with WRX bolt-in kit?

    The subject says it all. =) Are there any pitfalls or things I should be particularly careful of when opening up a 7" transflective screen and mounting it into the WRX bolt-in kit? Any loose parts? Any parts that are easily disturbed? Any components that I should be extra careful not to touch (other than capacitors )

    I was planning on following these instructions:

    Thanks in advance

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    I put mine into a WRX-Like enclosure. Nothing really to watch out for, just be very careful taking it out of the bezel. Take careful note of how ribbons come apart so that they can be put back the same way. The touchscreen connector can be re-connected the wrong way so mark it before you take it apart. Same with the 1" wide ribbon cable that runs the screen.

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    Cool, thanks for the advice.

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