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Thread: 800x480 Xorg.conf info for SeForm SEF800 TPC(w)

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    800x480 Xorg.conf info for SeForm SEF800 TPC(w)

    Hi all,

    Thought I'd share this with you in case anyone else has been having issues driving a SeForm SEF800-TPC(w) 8" vga touch screen from Fedora Core 6 (or xorg)

    Section "Monitor"
    Identifier "SeForm"
    ModeLine "800x480" 36.769 800 848 896 1120 480 508 511 525
    HorizSync 25-75
    VertRefresh 50-75

    The timings above seem to work nicely for 800x480.

    Has taken weeks for me to get to this! Still waiting on a suitable response from SeForm tech although I do now have screens with an upgraded firmware thanks to my perseverance.

    Feel free to ask for more info. I'll update this thread if and when I get more from SeForm.


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    More info

    In addition, my system specs are:

    EPIA CN10000E-RS (CN700 based), 512mb DDR2 ram, 40 gb ruggedised HDD, EDR2 Bluetooth dongle.

    Fedora Core 6 2.6.20 kernel

    EPIA board has BIOS rev.1.07 - These boards are capable of 16:9 resolutions, but probably only with this bios.

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    Touch screen functionality?

    It's awesome that you already know what you do! But by any chance did you get your touch screen pointer to work? I cant seem to switch the X and Y coordinate mapping, and it's killing me to know how. I've been searching for three days already, so any help you can offer would really make my day. Thanks!

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    for X Y swap, you should really re-compile the kernel, and modify/fix touchscreen driver, but there's xserver config directive swapxy that should work too.
    EPIA TC 1G 256MB 60GB Linux,WindowMaker, Roadnav, Xine, XMMS, iGuidance3
    Lilliput 8", Pharos i360, WUSB11v2.6 WiFi

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