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Thread: Hey Forum!

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    Hey Forum!

    hey guys and gals... new to forum, just saying hi..
    just bought a 06 maxima, going to put a pc in it.. i have a mini-itx..
    and going to get a 7inch touch screen.. anyone have any success storys with linux?? sirius, gps, fm, etc..



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    sure we do. looks like everybody with his own solution, but actually it makes more fun. myself never had windoze on board. gps, internet through gprs/bluetooth, audio, video, HU integrated, OBDII.

    Join in, you'll find tons of good info here.
    EPIA TC 1G 256MB 60GB Linux,WindowMaker, Roadnav, Xine, XMMS, iGuidance3
    Lilliput 8", Pharos i360, WUSB11v2.6 WiFi

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