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Thread: Mapfactor PC NAVIGATOR 7 EUROPE + Crossover Office / Wine

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    Mapfactor PC NAVIGATOR 7 EUROPE + Crossover Office / Wine

    I've been trying to get my gps to work with PC NAVIGATOR 7 for sometime now heres what ive done.


    USB GPS MODULE IS A: Globalsat BU-353 and it works fine with gpsdrive
    OS: ARCHLINUX 2.6.22
    Emu: Crossover Office 6.0 Proffessional


    After installing PC NAVIGATOR 7 with crossover office that worked fine. I had to establish a working com port. That i did with
    ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 com2 in the /home/user/.cxoffice/PCNAV7/dosdevices/

    Now when i run PC NAVIGATOR 7 with crossover office. It finds the com2 port and try's to read from it but it timesout(NO GPS SIGNAL). Even tough it worked fine with gpsd/gpsdrive.

    I dont know where the problem is and ive been trying to find out. Please help.

    ps. this is my first post dont frag me.


    Ive just found out it does not work with any windows program. that i run trough wine or crossover

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    do you still have gpsd running? if so, it may lock the device /dev/ttyUSB0 and your soft uner cxoffice will not work. make sure gpsd or any other daemon does not use this device.
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