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Thread: Linux and Sirius

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    Thanks Mitch, I see what you mean about needing a queue now when I get the busy response from the device.

    That escape sequence does explain how one is supposed to recover from coming into the communication mid-message. In testing, I was just using a timer.

    One of these days I'll setup a github repository to hold the latest work.

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    I just wrote support for the Mitch's UAS4 in python on linux. Next up is the SIR-ALP1 ... not sure if the SC-C1 uses the same protocol (my bet is that it does), but that is up next

    Only posting in this thread to make people aware that someone is actively working on it.

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    I have another SC-C1 in the mail so I will be trying to get something working with linux again. ...After I installed the first scc1 in the car, I quit testing as it is working fine with XP - Roadrunner and I don't want to remove it from the car.

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