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Thread: How do I download nGhost?

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    How do I download nGhost?

    I tried to add the repositories and that was successful. Then I tried to put in the sudo into the terminal and it said nGhost could not be found. ??? btw Im a 3rd day ubuntu user

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    sudo apt-get install nghost
    should install it if you have the nghost/linuxice repository added. Did you do an apt-get update after you added the repo to your sources.list?

    Here's the link to the download:

    You'll want to get your repository working though so you can automatically get updates. Here is the info again so you can verify what you have:

    deb linuxice main unstable
    afterward type:
    wget -O- | sudo apt-key add -
    then type sudo apt-get update to put the new changes into effect.
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