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Thread: Ubuntu Vs. XP...

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    Yeah. I just put ubuntu on my main use laptop and I am loving it so far (20 minutes) so I'm leaning towards it for my car pc. I'm looking forward to nghost. Thanks guys.

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    I use XP at work, carPC and home. I also have 3 different flavor of Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS) on my other home PC via swap drive. I like them all. I don't use PC a lot at home but if I do, I just use either of the Linux. So far PCLinuxOS is my pick because it support all 3 usb wifi card I have while the other 2 flavor didn't support out of the box.
    Back in the day, I used to spend hrs on the net searching for how to enable the US Robotic modem (winmodem and real-modem) to work with Redhat. Now I don't have that much time to dig the web for info especially, most search result from search engine came up with nothing related to what you want to look other than p0rn and how to make your d1ck grow bigger.
    Anyway, with Linux, support seem to be better and sometime you have to spend more time to read and search to know what the hell the answer giving you really mean if you are new to the game. Also, linux folks are more willing to help compare to windows folks.
    Now to the point is I won't use linux for carPC simply because there is more work involve to get it to work compare to just use XP as of now. Thing will change in the future, who knows.
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    I been a zenix/unix user since 80'.....
    Microsoft OS is easy for who doen't have any computer experience.
    Linux is hard if you have no command base experience.
    but OS core itself Linux is far less bug(Stable) than MS XP(5000 CD's worth bug report) or any windows base OS.
    I am using both OS in my computer still like linux better(never crash like windows).

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    For a beginner, i'd strongly suggest you go with windows, believe me i hate winXP, but i have to agree with 2k1toaster, that winXP is way better for carputer and especially for beginner. Why? 9/10 FE are made for winxp, so many related software for xp, like IG, and other gps software. Driver is easy and plentiful. AND most importantly, winxp resume is way faster than any other linux distribution i've ever used. Here is the thing though, windows xp does crash, but very seldomly, and nearly never if properly built/installed system. I'd suggest start with windows and get everything running smoothly for a while, then if you feel like you've really got carpc down. then try some linux distro in there.
    I'm really at that stage right now, I'm trying very hard to get linpus working then i'll try nghost with it, because linpus is very very light, and boots incredibly fast, but then again, no real gps support, front ends like nghost hasn't really caught up yet, but i surely hope that it will soon. So i'm in no rush to get linux running on my carpc yet.

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    I am totally agree with you. It is ture there is millions of software support XP vise versa.
    Casue linux is open source...No commercial software company can survive without generating money.
    Carputing is future tech and will adopt soon with automobile industry.
    My best guess (I could be wrong) is that they will use Linux base Operating system.
    I hear some country automobile manufacture invest money to develop linux base carputer not windows ce base even there is many application available.
    It could be the rumor(one of my friend senior director xxx motor corp said that).
    For now? yes XP will be the best choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
    It doesnt matter what is below the frontend, as long as it runs the software.
    This is the best line, describes 100% why I went with XP. No other front end (in my opinion) linux, or windows provided me with the interface that I liked with Centrafuse. Classy and elegant, yet simple and functional. No offense, but some front ends just looked cheesy and unprofessional to me no matter what skin you use. If you think about it, the interface is a pretty important part of the carpc, so that is what I would base my decision on.

    I dont think windows is as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Once setup properly, windows runs great. The linux they run at school (redhat I think) is worse than windows in almost every way. Crashes too much, takes forever to boot, ugly, and incompatible with so many things.

    Although for carpc purposes I would stay away from Vista.

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    It's installed by default on every version of Windows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarryWoods View Post
    Quick break out the shot guns!! The zombies are back!
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    winxp resume is way faster than any other linux distribution i've ever used
    windows < 11 second resume on an epia 10000 (I use my own carpc and the bloated LinuxICE as a reference)? You can't customize the windows kernel like you can the Linux kernel. You can technically create a Linux kernel specific for your hardware that < 1mb and boots and seconds.

    How long did it take you to learn how to use your mobile phone? how about your GPS unit, or you internet tablet? Those don't run windows. I don't see why a Linux based carpc can't just be another appliance. The only difference is, it's going to be open to hacking it. Admit it, you've got to learn how to hack RR, Centrafuse, and every other windows FE. FE "X" in Linux is just another application. Once you learn it, use it, hack it, it's all the same. The only difference there is the level in which you can hack it. Tk1toaster would agree, Linux rulez for customization.

    I'm not buying this "easier" crap. I still consider myself a n00b when it comes to Linux, but I knew how to install a package my first day using Linux. Get over the fear, and learn something new. It's not *that* hard and you'll be better off for doing so...

    BTW, i saw CF for the first time on a live system that belonged to a buddy of mine. I was shocked to see how slow i loaded. It didn't take too long, but still... an hour later, he was up and running nGhost on LinuxICE. It took a whole 5 seconds to get the gps receiver working. We just plugged it in and Linux knew what to do with it. On any other OS, "where's the driver disk?"
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    How long did it take you to learn how to use your mobile phone? how about your GPS unit, or you internet tablet? Those don't run windows.
    Um... I have 2 of the 3 above, and yes, they do.
    Navigon 5100 = Microsoft Windows CE Net 5.0
    Moto MPX220 (I need to get a new phone) = Windows Mobile

    I started with Linux (Dream, LinuxICE, and Ubuntu) in the carputer, however switched to XP since no mainstream distro that I have tried will properly support HPTuners (unless WINE can now properly support .NET... its been a while since I've tried it). Also RALink wifi cards seem to not want to work either, and since I had a few of those around, the less I had to spend the better.

    Plus, my version of XP was at no cost (dead laptop = recycled product key LOL)

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